The Shadow Ring – City Lights

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Label:Dry Leaf Discs – DF002


Used LP 1993

Disc:VG+ (slight edgewrapped not affect to play, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+/EX (clean)

Early work by The Shadow Ring, an experimental group formed in Cheriton, Kent, England, that continued its own evolutionary experiments until the mid-2000s. This 1993 piece was produced by Graham Lambkin and Darren Harris, before becoming a trio. A total of 11 tunes with wired performances and songs on toy-like acoustic instruments that echo like blues while wandering vaguely. Among them, "The Visitor.", which has a like-broken keyboard, singing, percussion like a child playing, and a guitar, creates an exquisite atmosphere, long tune "Faithful Calls.", which is composed of guitar, percussion instruments, keyboard, noise, are interesting. A handmade sleeve with a unique artwork limited to 500 copies from the label launched by themself.

2000年代半ばまで独自の進化実験を続けたイギリス・ケント州チェリトンで結成されたエクスペリメンタル・グループThe Shadow Ringの初期作品。この93年作では三人体制となる以前のGraham LambkinとDarren Harrisの二人によって制作されたもの。おもちゃみたいなアコースティック楽器のヘンテコな演奏や歌が、ぼんやりと彷徨いながらまるでブルースのように響いてくる全11曲。中でも壊れかけのようなキーボード、歌、子供が演奏したような打楽器、ギターが絶妙な塩梅を醸し出す”The Visitor.”、ギター、打楽器、キーボード、ノイズが織り成す長編曲”Faithful Calls.”あたりは面白いです。自身で立ち上げたレーベルから500部限定のユニークなアートワークが施されたハンドメイド仕様。

A1 - Double Standard.

A3 - Oooh Ahh.

A4 - Cape Of Seaweed.

B2 - Faithful Calls.

B4 - The Visitor.