The Pineapple Sugar Hawaiianband - The Pineapple Sugar Hawaiianband Vol.1

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Used LP 1978

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The first self-produced album released in 1978 by The Pineapple Sugar Hawaiian band, a Hawaiian band led by Yuki Yamauchi. It's mainly folk sounds that sing the lost legends of Hawaii and the stories of the royal family, which are different from fully tropical atmosphere that many imagine. The sound is cheerful and warm, and the band's established performance form is very pleasing. A great piece known to core Hawaiian music lovers, which is also reissued on CD (another cover). Good condition in shrink.

現在も活動を続ける山内雄喜を中心としたハワイアンバンドThe Pineapple Sugar Hawaiianbandが78年に300枚限定でリリースしたファースト自主アルバム。多くがイメージするトロピカルな雰囲気とは違うハワイの失われた伝説や王家の物語りなどを歌ったフォークサウンドが中心。陽気で温もりを感じるサウンドに、バンドとして確立された演奏フォームが非常に好感が持てます。CDでリイシューもされている知る人ぞ知る名盤。ジャケもいい感じ。

Windward side

T4 - I'm a livin' on a easy

T5 - Hanalei Moon

LeeWard Side

T3 - Morning Dew

T5 - Sand