The Makaha Sons Of Ni'ihau – Mahalo, Ke Akua

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Label:Poki Records – SP7 9038


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (generaly good shape and sound clear, feel slight surface/bubble noise at mainly quiet part, please check audio samples)

Jacket:VG+/VG (scuffs/wears/wrinkles, autographed, no cut/break)

1981 release album by The Makaha Sons Of Ni'ihau, a Legendary Hawaiian group with over 20 releases. Most works from this period are popular, and this album also includes from relaxing grooves to spiritual and psychedelic-inspired songs. The spiritual Hawaiian tunes "O Kalalau" and "Loa'a Ko Puni Kauoha," as well as the unintentionally shaking "Wai O Minihaha" and "My Flower Girl," are especially amazing. This is another recommended album full of pleasant groove.

20以上のリリースを持つレジェンダリー・ハワイアン・グループThe Makaha Sons Of Ni'ihauの81年作。この頃の作品はどれも人気ですが、本作でもリラクシンなグルーヴからスピリチュアルやサイケデリックを感じさせる楽曲まで収録。とりわけスピリチュアル・ハワイアン"O Kalalau", "Loa'a Ko Puni Kauoha"や思わず身体が揺れる”Wai O Minihaha”,"My Flower Girl"などは聴き所。今作も心地よいグルーヴに溢れた推薦盤。

A1 - My Yellow Ginger Lei

A4 - He Inoa No Kaiulani

A5 - My Flower Girl

B1 - O Kalalau

B2 - Wai O Minihaha

B3 - Loa'a Ko Puni Kauoha