The Entourage Music And Theatre Ensemble - S.T.

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Label:Folkways Records ‎– FTS 33866


Used LP 1973

Disc:VG+ (totally great shape only slight feel surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (only light minor wear, strongly good condition) w/booklet

The first album released on Folkways in 1973 by the Entourge Music and Theatre Ensemble, a Baltimore collective whose enigmatic musical theatre performances are based on their drug experience. A group of up to 15 people, centered on Joe Clark, Michael Smith, and Rusty Clark, a collection of high-dimensional sound from stateless minimal, ethnic ambient to human-powered trance tracks. Listen from A3 "Composition For Viola, Electric Keyboard, & Percussion" and B5 "Silver Drum". The artwork by Gudrun Klein is also excellent. The sound quality of the reissue is not very good, and many of the originals are often rubbed, so think this condition is valuable.

ドラッグ体験に基づき謎めいた音楽劇パフォーマンスを繰り広げたボルチモアの集団Entourge Music and Theatre EnsembleによるFolkwaysからリリースの73年のファーストアルバム。Joe Clark,Michael Smith,Rusti Clarkの三人を中心にした最大15人にまでなる集団で、無国籍ミニマル、エスニックアンビエントに人力トランス調トラックまで高次元の音源集。A3”Composition For Viola, Electric Keyboard, & Percussion”やB5”Silver Drum”から聴いてみて下さい。Gudrun Kleinによるアートワークも秀逸。再発盤もあまり音質がよくなく、オリジナルも擦れ多いものが多いのでこのコンディションは貴重かと思います。

A1 - Piece For E-Flat Soprano Saxophone, Guitar, And Thumb Piano

A2 - Jattle Boxes...

A3 - Composition For Viola, Electric Keyboard, & Percussion

A4 - Michael's Song

B2 - Giraffes...

B3 - Percussion Dance

B5 - Silver Drum