Thanh Nga – Tiếng Hát

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Label:Nha Xuat Ban Van Hoa

Used LP 1978

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, looks clean and shiny, only feel natural noise from pressing)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs, light ring wear on back, good condition)

Thanh Nga, a prominent Vietnamese stage/film actress who tragically lost her life at the age of 36 after being shot by a robber. This work is considered one of the memorial works released in the same year she lost her life, 1978. The A-side, with its unique singing, is accompanied by an orchestra that blends jazz, traditional folk and classical music of the East and West, while the B-side is composed of psychedelic designs that seem to have been cut out of a stage performance. The release is on a sub-label of the Vietnamese national label Dihavina, which has been in operation since before unification.

強盗に撃たれ36歳で悲劇的に命を落としたというベトナムの著名な舞台/映画女優Thanh Nga。本作はその同年にリリースの追悼作品のひとつとされる78年作。独特な歌唱にジャズ、伝統民謡、東西古典音楽が交配するようなオーケストラと共に奏でられるA面、舞台の一部を切り取ったようなサイケデリックな意匠も感じるB面の構成。統一前から運営がされていたベトナムの国営レーベルDihavinaのサブレーベルからのリリース。

A1 - Bông Sen

A2 - Hoa Thắm Đồng Bưng

B1 - Tấn Công Thành Liên Lâu

B2 - Không Nộp Long Bào