Terence Thomas & Robert Fair – Forces

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Label:Interface Records


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (little wrapped on B side not affect to sound, totally plays shape)

Jacket:VG++ (in shrink)

The only work by the synth-electric unit of Terence Thomas and Robert Fair. The compositions were composed by each other on each side, Terence Thomas on the A-side seems to be more electric, while the Robert Fair on the B-side has an ambient/cosmic tone. A3 "Long Time Comin'" and B1 "Cinnabar" are among the tracks that are of such high quality that hard to believe that is private product. The jacket is also very atmospheric.

Terence ThomasとRobert Fairの二人によるシンセ・エレクトリック・ユニット唯一作。お互いが各面毎に作曲を行った構成になっていて、A面のTerence Thomasサイドはエレクトリックに比重を置いたような楽曲、B面のRobert Fairはアンビエント/コズミックな曲調を展開。A3"Long Time Comin'",B1”Cinnabar”を筆頭にプライベート盤とは思えないクオリティある楽曲群。ジャケットも雰囲気漂います。

A2 - Where Eagles Fly

A3 - Long Time Comin'

B1 - Cinnabar

B2 - Chinook

B3 - Finale'