Tania Libertad ‎– Como Una Campana (De Cristal)

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Label:PolyGram Discos, S.A. De C.V. ‎


Used LP 1984
Disc:VG (some tunes have back noise,light skip sometimes,)

Jacket:VG (tape repair,light wear)

The Peruvian singer Tania Libertad, who has been active since the 1960s, released this album in 1984 with the participation of Gerardo Bátiz, who seems to combine traditional Mexican music and jazz. A3/A5 is the highlight of the album with its beautiful percussion and melody line.

Some of the needles may skip some parts of the record, and although the content is good, the quality of the disc is not so good, so I think it is preferable to buy it for listening purposes.

60年代より活動するペルー出身の歌手Tania Libertadの84年作。Gerardo Bátizが参加しながらメキシコの伝統音楽とジャズを結びつけたような曲調を展開。打楽器が美しいメロディラインが印象的なA3/A5の二曲が白眉。


A3 - Toro Mata

A5 - Solo Le Pido A Dios