Takumi - Meat The Beat

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Label:Sound Design Records


Used LP 1983


Jacket:VG+ (light age scrubs,totally good condition) w/insert.missing obi.

The only album by Iwasaki Takumi, who is also known for his work on TPO. Seigen Ono and Hiroyasu Yaguchi have joined. In addition to the two 7" singles tunes Mein Schatz/Myron that we introduced the other day, there are other songs that are comparable to them, especially three tunes that B2 "Days Of Romance", a beautiful development that flows over a coarse beat、B3 "Dear Dori..." with the experimental aspect, beautiful piano tones and interesting developments、A1 "Hauch Von Mir" with classic-like vocals, unique thrusts and fun intervals are amazing. High quality songs throughout.

TPOなどの活躍でも知られる岩崎工の唯一のアルバム。小野誠彦や矢口博康が参加しています。先日ご紹介した先行7"シングルの二曲Mein Schatz/Myronの他にもそれに匹敵するような曲を収録していて粗いビートに流れるような美しい展開を奏でるB2"Days Of Romance"、実験的な側面にピアノの綺麗な音色や面白い展開が加わるB3"Dear Dori..."、クラシックの様なヴォーカルに独特の打ち込みと間が楽しいA1"Hauch Von Mir"が秀逸。全体を通してハイクオリティな曲目白押し。

A1 - Hauch Von Mir

B2 - Days Of Romance

B3 - Dear Dori...