Takatoshi Naitoh = 内藤孝敏 ‎– In The Forest = 森の森林浴

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Used CD 1993



The composer/environmental musician Takatoshi Naito, known for his music for TV dramas and musicals, has been working on the "Music For Your Mind Relaxation Music" series in 1993, which includes Hiroshi Yoshimura and Tomoyuki Asakawa. A relaxing ambient/field recording masterpiece, named "Forest Bath of Sound", that will make you feel like you are in a green forest when close eyes. Sound quality is also excellent.

テレビドラマやミュージカルの音楽などを手掛けていた事で知られる作曲家/環境音楽家 内藤孝敏が93年に吉村弘や朝川朋之らも名を連ねる「Music For Your Mind Relaxation Music」シリーズに残した近年注目を浴びるCD作品。音の森林浴と名付けられ正に目を閉じれば緑の森が浮かんでくるリラクゼーション・アンビエント/フィールドレコーディング傑作。瑞々しい音質も素晴らしいです。

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