Takashi Nishioka = 西岡たかし ‎– 哀しい歌

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Label:Victor ‎– SF-1047


Used LP 1975

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (only slight wrinkle,totally good condition) w/insert,release notice seat. missing obi

The second album by Takashi Nishioka, who was active in the folk group "Five Red Balloons" and also participated in solo activities and many sessions, and was known for his avant-garde sound that distinguished him from the folk world at that time. With gorgeous backing musicians such as Takeru Inomata, Kosei Mizutani, and Masayoshi Takanaka, the band's songwriting has a pastoral yet experimental aspect, mainly folk. A4/B3 is a particular highlight. Totally excellent.


A2 - 哀しい歌

A4 - 心から愛をこめて

A6 - Nanka-Syoka

B3 - アファヌスそよ風

B5 - 私はバラバラにちぎれてしまった