Takashi Kokubo, Hisakatsu Yamazaki = 小久保隆, 山崎久勝 - Sound of Lake Biwa 湖中の響き

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Label:Studio Ion - ION-9001


Used CD 2004

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An unknown underwater environmental music piece created in 2004 by Takashi Kokubo, one of the recently re-evaluated environmental musicians who is still active in live performances. This work was composed by Kokubo based on recordings of water sounds in and around Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake, by Hisakatsu Yamazaki, who is engaged in activities/research on underwater sounds as part of environmental learning. Yamazaki's original underwater microphone "River Stethoscope" is used to record the spring water at the bottom of the lake, Ukimido, one of the Eight Views of Omi, the mysterious cove of inner part of Lake Biwa, more. You can enjoy the cool and refreshing sound that is the ”Kokubo Sound” throughout. How about using it as a being cool piece to overcome this global abnormal heat?


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