Takaaki Yoshimoto + Ryuichi Sakamoto (吉本隆明 + 坂本龍一) – Hitosasi-Yubi No Etude

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Used Flexi-disc 7" & Book 1986

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

Book:VG+ (book is very clean) ) w/yellow book obi (some damage)

Takaaki Yoshimoto, a poet and critic with a variety of titles, visited Ryuichi Sakamoto's studio on the occasion of his high appreciation of subcultures, and explained the most advanced compositional techniques of the time using digital synthesizers, etc. This book is a planned dialogue through music. This Flexi-disc contains both the Yoshimoto side and the Sakamoto side of the "Hitosasi-Yubi No Etude" composed by Takaaki Yoshimoto in a conversation. It includes the original and its disco version, which is minimal, somehow comforting, and has a cool expression.

詩人・評論家など様々な肩書を持つ吉本隆明がサブカルチャーを高く評価していたのを機に坂本龍一のスタジオを訪れてデジタル・シンセサイザーなどを用いた当時の最先端の作曲手法を解説、音楽を通して対談した企画本。吉本隆明が対談の中で作曲した、「ひとさし指のエチュード」の吉本側と坂本側のDisco Sideを収録。ミニマルでいてどこか心安らぐようでひんやりとした表情も持つオリジナルの曲とそのディスコバージョンを収録。

Sakamoto Side

Disco Mix-1

Disco Mix-2

Yoshimoto Side

Oriental Mix-1

Oriental Mix-2