Tadashi Abe = 阿部正 - Introduction to Hypnosis (Self-Support Training Methods) = 催眠術入門 (自立訓練法)

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Label:Union Records – JLS-1


Used LP 19XX

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise as quiet record)

Jacket:VG+ (some scuffs, totally 

Under the supervision of Tadashi Abe, lecturer at Keio Hospital, doctor of medicine, this record was created for the purpose of practicing autogenic training when introducing "hypnosis," which stabilizes the mind. Along with Abe's narration, the whistle and percussion sound effects in the background will further appeal to your consciousness. Isn't it a very interesting piece that can be caught as Japanese healing music. It feels like my right arm is getting heavy. .

慶応病院講師医学博士 阿部正監修の元、精神を安定させる”催眠”を導入する際の自律訓練の練習用を目的に制作されたレコード。阿部のナレーションと共にバックで鳴る笛や打楽器音の効果音が更に意識へ訴えかけます。ホラー映画のBGMのような?和ヒーリングミュージックとしても捉えられるなかなか興味深い一枚ではないでしょうか。右腕が重くなってくるような。。

A2 - 心をしずかに

A3 - 右うで、左うでがおもい

A4 - 右足、左足がおもい

A6 - 右足、左足があたたかい

B1 - 呼吸が、しずかです

B2 - 胃のあたりが、あたたかい