Tadanori Yokoo and Haruomi Hosono = 横尾忠則と細野晴臣 ‎– Cochin Moon = コチンの月

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Label:King Records – 228A 73


Used CD 1990

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The story was born out of an episode where Hosono likes Yokoo unilaterally and visits him, and then Yokoo invites him to travel to India. When they arrived in India finally but both of them were sick... after suffering from diarrhea in India, Hosono was gradually awakened by Yokoo, who told him, "It's better to take out as much as you can"、a scene of India that is too far from everyday life、awareness of deep psychology that can be seen with the naked eye from various happening in there... The one and only exotic soundscape work created based on the inspiration gained from these intense experiences. Yokoo, who is also said to be the inspirational fourth YMO, has not participated in the work, but the announcement under the joint name shows his influence. 


T1 - Hotel Malabar Upper Floor …Moving Triangle…

T2 - Hotel Malabar Roof Garden …Revel Attack…

T3 - Roof Garden, Revel Attack

T4 - Hepatitis