Tabo's Project – Eyes Of A Child

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Used Cassette 1986

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wrinkles) w/lyric seat

A popular work by Tabo's Project, a project produced by Takashi Omori, a member of Southern All Stars, when each member went solo in 1986 after Yuko Hara went on maternity leave. The chemistry between the cassette and the child's jacket is almost foul. Rare!

サザンオールスターズの原由子が産休で活動休止になった1986年に各メンバーがソロ活動を行った際にメンバー大森隆志がプロデュースしたプロジェクトTabo's Projectの人気作。カセットと子供のジャケットの相性は反則に近いです。レアです。