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Used LP 1987 Promo

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The third and final chapter of the Sunset Hills Hotel series produced by Shigeru Suzuki. As Suzuki himself describes it as an "imagination paradise," the same talented artists as in the previous two albums have created an illusionary space using an imaginary hotel as the subject. Wherever you drop the needle, the relaxin is colored, but especially recommend the tunes by Shigeru Suzuki, Hajime Mizoguchi, Yumi Yamagata. The calendar insert is also nice.

鈴木茂がプロデュースを務めたSunset Hills Hotelの最終章となる第三弾。イマジネイション・パラダイスと自ら語る様に前二作同様に実力派アーティストが架空のホテルを題材に幻想空間を描いています。どこに針を落としてもリラクシンが彩られていますが、鈴木茂、溝口肇、山形由美の楽曲は特にオススメ。カレンダー仕様のインサートも素敵です。

A1 - Silver Snow Shining

A3 - Winding Flower

A5 - June 31

B3 - Maybe In May

B4 - Silver Moon Morning