Sumiko Yoseyama, Mal Waldron – With Mal (Sumiko Yoseyama Meets Mal Waldron)

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Label:Continental - HL-5032


Used LP 1984

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Sumiko Yoseyama is a jazz singer from Okinawa. In 1955, when she was a first-year high school student, she made her debut as a jazz vocalist at a club on a U.S. military base, and although her dream of moving to Tokyo did not come true, her uncommonly Japanese singing ability was recognized after several performances in Tokyo, and she made her belated debut in 1983. This album was released in 1984 and was co-written with American jazz pianist/composer Mal Waldron. As with the previous album, the composition of the album has increased from listenable tunes to dynamic tunes. This is also very worth listening to.

沖縄出身のジャズシンガー与世山澄子。1955年、高校1年生の時に米軍基地内のクラブでジャズボーカリストとしてデビューし、その後も上京の夢を持ちつつ叶わずも何度か行われた東京での公演を機にその日本人離れした歌唱力は認められ、遅ればせながら83年にデビュー。本作は84年に発表されたアメリカ人ジャズピアニスト/作曲家のMal Waldronとの共作。前作と同様聴かせる曲からダイナミックな曲も増えた構成。このアルバムも非常に聴き応えあります。

A2 - But Beautiful

A5 - That’s What God Looks Like To Me

B1 - Round Midnight

B2 - That’s Life