Claudio Gizzi, Stefano Torossi - Strumentali: Un Milione Di Anni Fa

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Label:Nuovo Repertorio Editoriale – NRE/1119


Used LP 1987

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A piece from the library label Nuovo Repertorio Editoriale, which was produced by a number of musicians at the Italian public broadcaster from 1984 to around 1996 according to a theme. "Instrumental : A Million Years Ago" is translated into English by Claudio Gizzi and Stefano Torossi, who have also left several works there, rhe title of the tune is also a reference to the Pithecanthropus and ritual, which suggests that the work was inspired by ancient times. Total superb contents include "Tribù" which seems to be inhabited by ancient sound spirits in ferocious percussion sound, “Rito” is named the ritual of the surging sounds of various ethnic instruments, "L'Uomo Di Pechino" with an oriental sound and a New Age feel attached to Peking man.

イタリアの公共放送局にて84年から96年頃まで数々のミュージシャンがテーマに沿って制作を行っていたライブラリー・レーベルNuovo Repertorio Editorialeの一枚。そちらにもいくつかの作品も残しているClaudio GizziとStefano Torossiによる英訳すると”Instrumental: A Million Years Ago”、曲名にもピテカントロプスや儀式などが付けられている事から古代にインスピレーションを得て制作されたと推測されます。どこに針を落としても凄いんですが、乱れるパーカッションに古代いにしえの音霊が宿ったような”Tribù”、様々な民族楽器のサウンドが押し寄せる儀式とつけられた”Rito”、北京原人とつけられたオリエンタルな響き持ったニューエイジ感覚の”L'Uomo Di Pechino”などなどこれはヤバすぎます。。

A2 - Tribù

A3 - Rito

A4 - L'Orda

A5 - Pitecantropo

A6 - L'Uomo Di Pechino

B1 - L'Alba Del Mondo

B4 - Superstizione