Sport-Billy – S.T.

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Label:Tonodisc – DLF 8055


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape, slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears/creases, not bad condition overall)

1982 album by Sport-Billy, an Argentinean five-member group of boys and girls. please don't underestimate this as just another ordinary work, it was produced by Bubby Lavecchia, who has participated in jazz works by Jorge López Ruiz and others, as well as melodic works. Among them, cosmic synth pop with calculated development "En Ruta De Nuevo", the mellow pop "Sport Billy Ya Esta Aqui," and the synth disco with the familiar melody "Los Ojos De Bette Davis" are amazing. For a Children's work, it's extremely well done.

アルゼンチンの5人組少年少女グループSport-Billyによる82年作。ありきたりな作品と侮るなかれ、プロデュースをJorge López Ruizはじめジャズ作品への参加やメロディック作品を手掛けているBubby Lavecchiaが担当しています。中でも展開も計算されたコズミック雰囲気のシンセポップ”En Ruta De Nuevo”、メロウ・ポップ”Sport Billy Ya Esta Aqui”、お馴染みのネタ使いのシンセ・ディスコ”Los Ojos De Bette Davis”は秀逸。チルドレン作品としては非常によくできています。

A1 - Sport Billy Ya Esta Aqui

A2 - España Mundial

A3 - Sos Mi Amiga Por Eso Te Invito

B4 - En Ruta De Nuevo

B5 - Los Ojos De Bette Davis