Southern Exotics – Island Fantasy

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Label:Yupiteru Records – YD25-0005


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs, totally good conditon) w/insert, obi

A collection of exotica covers by Yupiteru (Records or Orchestra). It's sweet dreamy floating sounds throughout, particular A1 "South Sea Island Magic", A2 "Taboo", and A4 "Drift Wood And Dreams" are recommended. Amazing "cool down" piece.

ユピテルが手掛けたエキゾチカカバー集。知る人ぞ知る高い完成度の楽曲群で、どれも最高ですが、A1”South Sea Island Magic”、A2”Taboo”、A4”Drift Wood And Dreams”あたり特にオススメ。極上の納涼盤です。

A1 - South Sea Island Magic

A2 - Taboo

A4 - Drift Wood And Dreams

B5 - Bahama Lullaby