Soo Chul Kim = 김수철 ‎– Sori For Invocation

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Country:South Korea

Used LP 1992

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Soo Chul Kim, a Korean composer who has worked on a wide range of music from popular music, soundtracks, rock, experimental music and ambient music. Released in 1992, this album contains 5 tracks that connect the trajectory of the experimental spirit, abstract, ambience, and tradition. Although they are all of different types, "Sori For Invocation I" and "Sori For Invocation III" are especially wonderful. It's definitely one of his best works.

大衆音楽、サウンドトラック、ロック、実験音楽、アンビエントまで幅広い音楽を手掛ける韓国人作曲家Soo Chul Kimによる92年作。本作では実験精神、アブストラクト、アンビエンス、伝統が息づいた氏のこれまでの軌跡を結ぶような全5曲を収録。どれもタイプが違いながらも、”Sori For Invocation Ⅰ”、”Sori For Invocation Ⅲ”はとりわけて素晴らしいです。最高傑作と呼ぶにふさわしい一枚。

A1 - 불림소리 가

A2 - 불림소리 나

A3 - 불림소리 다

B1 - 불림소리 라

B2 - 불림소리 마