Soo Chul Kim = 김수철 – 김수철 7집 - 12주년 기념음반

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Label:Seoul Records – SPDR-146

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at mainly silent part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear, good condition) w/insert

Soo Chul Kim, a Korean composer who has worked on a wide range of music from popular music, soundtracks, rock, experimental music and ambient music. This work focuses on New Age Electronics with vocals that impress the subsequent works. The romantic ambient tune A4 "밤", the new age tune A1 "나그네" with traditional instruments and the melancholy B2 "그 어느날" are highlight of the album. The crossover sensation that combines tradition, oriental, folk, ambience is characteristic.

大衆音楽、サウンドトラック、ロック、実験音楽、アンビエントまで幅広い音楽を手掛ける韓国人作曲家Soo Chul Kimによる88年作。本作では以降の作品を印象付けるようなヴォーカルを交えたニューエイジ・エレクトロニクスを中心に収録。特にロマンシズム溢れるA4”밤”、伝統楽器を交えたニューエイジ・チューンA1”나그네”、哀愁を帯びたB2”그 어느날”は白眉。伝統、オリエンタル、フォーク、アンビエンスなどが結びついたクロスオーヴァー感覚がやはり独特。

A1 - 나그네

A4 - 밤

B1 - 안녕 내사랑

B2 - 그 어느날