Sonia Rosa = ソニア・ローザ – 青いベッド

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Label:Express – EP-7751


Used 7" 1970

Disc:VG+ (totally good shape, only very slight surface noise at quiet/beggining part)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/stains, good/clean category)

Sonia Rosa, a Brazilian singer who has been active in Japan for many years after contacting the father of Lisa Ono, who is widely known in Brazil. This work is her debut single in Japan in 1970. Side A of jazzy lounge bossa tune "Long Black Hair" tickled by broken Japanese, and B-side is a lively bossa Kayo style "Morning Coffee" with a flute tone. Both are amazing bossa tunes. Not included on the album released in 1970.

ブラジルでも広く知られる小野リサの父親へのコンタクトから日本に渡り長年活動したブラジル人シンガーSonia Rosa。本作は日本デヴューシングルとなる70年作。片言の日本語がくすぐるジャジー・ラウンジなボッサ曲"青いベッド"をA面、フルートの音色響く軽快なボッサ歌謡"モーニング・コーヒー"をB面。どちらも最高~。70年のアルバムには未収録。

A - 青いベッド

B - モーニング・コーヒー