Somei Satoh = 佐藤聡明 – Mandala/Sumeru

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Label:ALM Records – AL-26


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (great shape, only feel slight records noise as quiet piece)

Jacket:VG+ (light brown wear, please chack photos) w/obi,insert (clean)

Somei Sato, a contemporary musician who had a family of masters of traditional Japanese music performers and Japanese dance, and learned composition by himself and attracted attention with his unique piano piece that brought out the overtones in the 1970s. This work is inspired by the mandala, which is a schematic representation of the tower where Buddhas and Buddhas gather, centered on the main priest, "Mandala," tape music created using only human voices that have been filtered and amplified many times on A side, and the B-side is "Sumeru," an orchestral tune inspired by Mount Sumeru, which is said to be the Asian view of the universe. A great masterpiece that involves meditation/drone/electronics/ambient. The percussion performance is Midori Takada. Realized once again that there are certain boundaries that can only be reached with original Kojima recordings sound.  .

邦楽演奏と日本舞踊の師匠を家族にもち、独学で作曲を行い70年代には倍音を浮かび上がらせる独特のピアノ曲で注目を集めていった現代音楽家 佐藤聡明。本作は主尊を中心に諸仏諸尊の集会する楼閣を模式的に示した図像である曼荼羅に着想を得、人声を何度もフィルターを通し増幅させた音のみを用い制作されたテープ音楽”Mandala”をA面、アジアの宇宙観と言われるスメール山をイメージしたオーケストラ曲”Sumeru”をB面に収録。メディテーション/ドローン/エレクトロニクス/アンビエントを巻き込む大傑作。パーカッションは高田みどり。オリジナルの音でしか達しない境地があると改めて実感しました。是非いいサウンドシステムで鳴らして頂きたいです。

A Sample 1

A Sample 2

B Sample 1

B Sample 2