Skye / Family Tree – Aint No Need (Dance) / Family Tree (Disco Version)

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Label:Booton Records – BTN005


Used 12", Bootleg, 2008

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (little cut on the white paper of the paste)

This is bootleg version of the 1976 release on Anada Records, which many of you may have heard played by famous DJs, featuring both released in 1975 and 1976. It is said that many people were cheated by the elaborate bootleg of the original white label version, so this work has a lot of controversy. This work was produced in 2008, and has been thoroughly reproduced with its white label specifications that make you think that even the sound quality was particular. There will be nothing to say about classic tunes. This bootleg version seems to be popular due to the premier original 12".

著名DJのプレイで聞き覚えのある方も多いAnada Recordsから75年と76年にリリースされた両曲を12インチで収録した76年作のブート盤。オリジナルの白ラベル盤においても精巧なブート盤が出回り騙された人が多くいたそうな色々といわくつきの作品のよう。本作は2008年に制作されたその白ラベル仕様で音質までもこだわったのではないかと思わせる徹底ぶりで再現されています。曲に関しては何も言う事はないでしょう。オリジナルのプレミア度からこのブート盤も高い人気を得ている一枚のようです。

A - Family Tree– Family Tree (Disco Version)

B - Skye – Aint No Need