Şivan Perwer ‎– Çiyayê Agirî

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Label:pläne – 88424


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, totally good shape and looks shiny)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wrinkles, not bad condition, please check photos) w/original inner sleeve

Turkey born Kurdish SSW Şivan Perwer. Since the early 1970s, he has been producing songs about the oppression of the Kurds at the risk of his life, and his cassettes have been passed from hand to hand, attracting thousands of spectators to his live performances. In 1976, he was arrested by the Turkish authorities and escaped. Since then, he has lived in exile, producing more than 30 albums, music videos, and documentaries. This one is a rare vinyl release in 1985, among a group of releases mainly on cassette. A total of 9 tunes with Kurdish vocals and orchestral performances of ethnic instruments in a cross-border sensibility. Recommend to start with "Merhaba", which changes from indigenous rhythm to sorcerous groove, and Balkan folk song "Çiyayê Agirî" with Melike Demirağ singing about the sacred Mount Agirî in Turkey. Amazing release from a musical aspect, directed by Şanar Yurdatapan, who is involved in many productions mainly in Turkey.

トルコ生まれのクルド人SSW Şivan Perwer。70年初頭から命の危険にさらされながらもクルド人弾圧を歌った曲を制作し、そのカセットは手から手へ渡りライブには数千の観客が訪れたそう。76年にはトルコ当局から逮捕を要求され脱出、以後亡命生活を送りながら30以上のアルバム、音楽ビデオ、ドキュメンタリーを制作している方。本作はカセットが中心のリリース群の中で稀少となっている85年のレコード盤。越境的な空気感の中に女性ヴォーカルを織り交ぜ、シタールなどの民族楽器のオーケストラから成る全9曲を収録。まずは異教のリズムから呪術的グルーブへと変化していく”Merhaba”、Melike Demirağがトルコの聖地アララト山を歌うバルカン・フォーク”Çiyayê Agirî”からどうぞ。トルコを中心に多くの作品に携わるŞanar Yurdatapanがディレクションを務めた音楽的側面からも完成度の高い作品。85年ドイツ盤。

A1 - Canê Canê

A2 - Çiyayê Agirî

A3 - Pêsmerge

A4 - Merhaba

B1 - Ez Picûk Im

B3 - Evina Deşto Palo