Shuichi Chino = 千野秀一 ‎– Yuku Efu Mei

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Label:Boogie Woogie


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear,totally not bad condition) w/obi(1cm cut on back),insert

Existing artist Shuichi Chino who is memeber of  "Wha-ha-ha" on Better Days label and the cutting-edge live performance band "Chango 5", which was formed with Eitetsu Hayashi,others, focusing on Korean music and rhythm, in addition to activities with Improvisation and film music since the '1970. This is the his first album in the peak period of Wha-ha-ha's activity, with avant-garde and radical rhythms interspersed throughout. Especially the highlight of A1's "Cinema". Great album.

Wha-ha-haや林英哲らと結成した韓国の音楽・リズムを中心とした先鋭的なライブパフォーマンスバンドChango 5での活動の他、即興演奏や映画音楽の分野でも幅広くその独自の音楽を追求してきた音楽家 千野秀一の81年のソロアルバム。Wha-ha-haの活動でもピーク期に当たる作品でアヴァンギャルドかつ先鋭的なリズムが随所に散りばめられた素晴らしい作品。特にA1の"シネマ"はハイライト。

A1 - シネマ

A3 - テレンコ

B1 - ヘヴン