Shōei Kina, Hiromi Shiroma = 喜納昌永, 城間ひろみ / Rinsho Kadekaru = 嘉手苅林昌 – 中城情話 / 海ぬチンボーラー・赤山 / 海ぬチンボーラー・赤山

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Label:マルフクレコード – FF-96


Used 7" 1976

Disc:VG+ (light marks/hairlines, not serious)

Jacket:G (scuffs/wrinkles)

A side "Nakagusukujyowa" with Hiromi Shiroma, whose talent was discovered by Shōei Kina, is said to be a legendary singer due to her treasured voice, even though she was only active for two years after marriage. Glossy her convincing singing voice is wonderful. On B-side, popular tune "Uminu Chimbora Akayama" by Rinsho Kadekaru the charismatic Okinawan Min'yō singer who has the voice of the soul who was called "the god of island songs" by the incomparable report writer Ro Takenaka. 


A - 喜納昌永, 城間ひろみ - 中城情話

B - 嘉手苅林昌 - 海ぬチンボーラー・赤山