Shinsuke Honda = 本多信介 - The Song Of Blue - イルカ・ドリーミング -

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Label:Bandai Music - APCE 6013


Used CD 1997

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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Shinsuke Honda, the guitarist of the legendary band "Hachimitsupai", after the breakup of the band, he became a backup musician such as Minako Yoshida, Morio Agata, others and in addition to producing music for movies and TV dramas and reliable his solo works "Silence" and "Banka". This work is a healing music piece about dolphins, which is also linked to the video work. 


T1 - 夜明け Silent Sea

T2 - 白い海 Tideless

T3 - 空を映して Pure Blue

T7 - 永遠に Permanent Blue