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Label:Love Ambient Breeze – LAB0001


Used CD 2000

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Shinsuke Honda, the guitarist of the legendary band "Hachimitsupai", after the breakup of the band, he became a backup musician such as Minako Yoshida, Morio Agata, others and in addition to producing music for movies and TV dramas and reliable his solo works "Silence" and "Banka". Although this album was released in 2000, it maintains its consistent style with a total of 12 tracks ranging from updated tune to graceful bossa nova. Smooth type tunes such as "Chouu","Banshun","Deep","Pureblue," and "Shunsho" are especially enchanting. It seems to stir up even more nostalgia on such a rainy day in Tokyo today.


T2 - 聴雨

T3 - 風のボサ

T4 - 晩春

T6 - Pureblue

T8 - 真夜中のボサ

T10 - 春宵

T12 - Deep