Shinsuke Honda = 本多信介 ‎– Banka = 晩夏

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Label:Alpha Enterprise


Used CD 1991

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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Guitarist Shinsuke Honda is well known as a member of the legendary band "Hachimitepai". After the band disbanded, he turned to solo, releasing the masterful piece "Silence", working as a backup musician for Yoshida Minako, Agata Morio, more and working for movies and TV dramas, and this is his second release in about 8 years since his first album. As with the previous album, "Silence" the overlapping, fluctuating guitar sounds create an ambience, and his graceful, fresh sound-making seems to have been further deepened. The perfection of each track and the never-ending development of the music are also worth paying attention to. It's a little early for Banka = late summer, but immerse yourself in this world of sound that feels like a breeze passing through this humid weather. It's been a while since we last had this in stock.


T1 - 森の詩

T2 - 夢路

T3 - 愁風

T4 - 夏雲

T9 - Paytonts

T10 - 残照