Shiho Yabuki = 矢吹紫帆 – The Body Is A Message Of The Universe = からだは宇宙のメッセージ

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Label:Morning/Esthetic Music – AM28-6


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear) w/obi, insert

Shiho Yabuki, a keyboard player known worldwide as one of the pioneers of Japanese environmental music, started playing the synth when she formed a fusion group in the early 1980s, and after going solo, she has been involved in genre-bending activities such as sessions with traditional Japanese musicians and Butoh performers, experiments with different kinds of music, commercial production. This is the first album released in collaboration with Sara Kikaku, to which she belonged, and Apollon. The album is a fusion of the essence of traditional Japanese music sensibility, oriental melodies, dynamism of nature, and contains aesthetic music that envelops the body and spirit in a feminine and gentle manner, different feeling from the works of Hiroshi Yoshimura and Akira Ito. The title is a quote from a book written by Hiroyuki Aoki, the founder of Shintaido (The natural and rational movements of human nature are born, and beyond the category of budo, body art systematized as a physical technique to develop various abilities of human beings). Originally, we don't think there were many produced, LP version doesn't come out to the extent that it feels like an illusion. Beautiful condition with obi and insert.

日本環境音楽の先駆のひとりとして世界的にその名が知られる鍵盤奏者 矢吹紫帆。80年初頭フュージョングループの結成と同時にシンセを始め、ソロに転向後は邦楽奏者や舞踏演者とのセッション、異種音楽実験、CM制作などジャンルに捉われない活動に取り組みながら、所属していた沙羅企画とアポロンの共同制作にてリリースされたファーストアルバムが本作。和楽の感性、東洋的メロディ、自然の持つ躍動など培われたエッセンスが融和した、吉村弘や伊藤詳とはタイプの異なる女性的でやわらかに身体・精神を包み込むエステティックミュージックを全編に収録。タイトルは新体道の創始者 青木宏之の著書からの引用。元々制作枚数も多くはないと思いますがLP盤は現在幻とさえ感じるほど出てこないです。帯、インサート付き。

A1 - 灯

A2 - (三味)

A3 - 紫雲界

B1 - 天真五柤

B2 - 気の流れ

B4 - 戯れ