Shigeru Umebayashi = 梅林茂 ‎– Do It To Me / Boys / All I Want Is You

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Label:Victor Musical Industries, Inc.


Used 12" 1988

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuff/crease, not bad condition)

Shigeru Umebayashi, a sound producer who has blazed a trail in film music and has been working in Asian/North America/Europe. It is also known that he had formed a band before that, and this is a promo only 12 "single cut from the album" UME "with his own name that showed that aspect. The album contains oriental and radical new wave track that could be used in soundtracks, with B2 "All I Want Is You" and B1 "Boys" being the most notable. Sound quality is also great.

映画音楽の道を切り開き、アジア各国や欧米でも作品を手掛けるサウンドプロデューサー梅林茂。それ以前にはバンドを結成していた事でも知られ、こちらはその側面が現れた自らの名が付けられたアルバム”UME”からのプロモオンリー12”シングルカット。サウンドトラックにも通じるようなオリエンタルかつ先鋭的なニューウェイブ風トラックを収録していて中でもB2”All I Want Is You”,B1”Boys”が白眉。音質も高品位です。

B1 - Boys

B2 - All I Want Is You