Shigeki Sekito = セキトオ・シゲオ – Artistic Electone = アーティスティック・エレクトーン

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Label:Columbia – GQ-7019


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (brown dots/wears, not very bad) w/obi, insert

1985 insturmental piece was released about 10 years after the four "Kareinaru Electone Special Sound Series" works released in the 1970s by Shigeo Sekito, a pioneer in the world of Electone music, whose "katakana" name may be familiar to most of you. The album features a total of eight tunes that are backed up by the his abilities, include original tune A1 "Amish At Dusk", which has a cosmic atmosphere that is unique among the mostly covers, Manhattan Transfer's cover "Twilight Zone, Twilight Tone" with various arrangements scattered in a fast pace, The Crusaders' cover "Rhapsody And Blues" with a lazy feeling that gradually develops into an uplifting development. Wonder if it can be captured in a chill-out or ambient sense, where the tone of the electone invites melancholy.

カタカナの名前に馴染みのある方が大半かもしれないエレクトーン界の草分け的存在関藤繁雄が70年代にリリースした『華麗なるエレクトーン Special Sound Series』4作品から約10年を経て発表した85年作。ほとんどがカバーの中で異彩を放つコズミック雰囲気のオリジナル曲A1”Amish At Dusk”に始まり、しっとりとエレガントにまとめたBob Jamesのカバー”Heads”、疾走感に様々なアレンジを散らせたThe Manhattan Transferのカバー”Twilight Zone, Twilight Tone”、レイジーな感じから徐々に高揚していく展開のThe Crusadersのカバー”Rhapsody And Blues”を筆頭にその実力に裏打ちされた全8曲。エレクトーンの音色が哀愁を誘い出すチルアウトやアンビエントの感覚でも捉えられるのかなと思います。

A1 - Amish At Dusk

A2 - The Shadow Of Your Smile

A4 - Heads

B1 - Twilight Zone, Twilight Tone

B2 - Rhapsody And Blues

B3 - March Of The Siamese Children