Sedition Ensemble ‎– Regeneration Report

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Label: Context Music ‎– 1001


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (very light surface noise at quiet part,totally good shape)

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Sedition Ensemble's 1981 album, which seems to be a one-off project formed in New York. The band consists of drummer Bob Demeo, who played in the masterpieces of Artie Simmons And The Jazz Samaritans, as well as Bern Nix and Melvin Gibbs, who played in the works of Ronald Shannon Jackson, and other members who were active in the Avan-grade/No Wave scene. African, Latin, Exotic, New/No Wave are all blended together to create a sound that is truly unique to New York. It's quite quality and interesting.

NYで結成されたワンオフプロジェクトと思われるSedition Ensembleの81年作。Artie Simmons And The Jazz Samaritansの傑作群に参加するドラマーBob Demeoや Ronald Shannon Jacksonの作品に参加していたBern NixやMelvin GibbsなどのAvan-grade/No Wave界隈で活動していたメンバー中心の編成。アフリカ、ラテン、エキゾチック、New/No Waveなどが消化されたNYならではの一筋縄ではいかないオブスキュアなサウンド。これはかなり面白い内容です。

A2 - Random Collisions

A4 - Duality/Contradiction

B2 - Prison Poem And La Guerra Popular

B3 - Digression On Triangles