Sebastiao Tapajos & Pedro Dos Santos ‎– Vol. 2

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Label:Victor ‎– SWX-7021


Used LP 1972

Disc:VG+ (A2 has light scratch affect to sound a bit, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (has stain,scrubs) 

The Brazilian guitarist/composer Sebastiao Tapajos, who has released a lot of solo and collaborative works and has carrer as a backing musician with Hermeto Pascoal and Astor Piazzolla, as well as having studied music in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Spain, has travelled to all the major Latin countries. And Percussionist/Master of percussion insturmental Pedro Dos Santos, also known for his masterpiece "Krishnanda" released in 1968, which is no longer within the reach of the original record. This is the second ensemble of the duo's superbly performance in 1972. An exquisite record with no abandoned songs that seems to have been digested more psychedelicly while condensing the spiritual spirit of Aflo Amazon. The composition of this album is more lengthy than the first one, and it was released under license from Argentina's leading label Trova. We're still surprised that this record was sold in Japan at the time.

ソロやコラボでも多くの作品を発表してきながらHermeto PascoalやAstor Piazzollaなどのバッキングミュージシャンとしての肩書やブラジルとアルゼンチンはたまたポルトガルやスペインで音楽を学んだ経歴などラテン主要国を渡り歩いてきたブラジルのギタリスト/コンポーザーSebastiao Tapajosと68年発表のもはやオリジナルレコードは手が届かなくなってしまった傑作"Krishnanda"を残すビリンバウ/打楽器の達人Pedro Dos Santosの二人が72年に発表した超絶技巧が導き合うアンサンブル第二弾。アフロアマゾンのスピリチュアル精神を凝縮しながら更にサイケデリックに消化したような捨て曲なしの絶品盤。第一弾より長尺の曲が増えた構成でアルゼンチンの名門Trovaからのライセンスリリースの様な形態。当時、日本でこのレコードが売られていたとはやはり驚きを隠せません。

A1 - Ganga

A5 - Laberinto

A6 - Escola De Samba

B1 - Samba Do Aviao

B3 - Emboscada

B4 - Rio Das Ostras

B6 - Sambaden