Scandal ‎– Really Worth Waiting For

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Label:Pacific Rose Records


Used LP 1978


Jacket:NM (in shrink) w/original inner sleeve

The unknown disco/funk group's from Oregon only album in '78.It's a very sophisticated set of songs, funky yet cohesive, with an impressive instrumental midway part on A3 "In And Out Of My Life",  highlight tune on B4 "Woman You Can't Control" that with high point and great instrumental part from the middle to the end.

オレゴンの知られざるディスコ/ファンクグループの78年発表の唯一のアルバム。非常に洗練された曲を収録していて、ファンキーながらしっかりまとまっていて中盤のインスト部分も印象的なA3”In And Out Of My Life”、最高のサビパートから終盤はインストでたたみかけるハイライト的なB4"Woman You Can't Control"

A3 - In And Out Of My Life

B4 - Woman You Can't Control