Satsuki Shibano = 柴野さつき ‎– Erik Satie (France 1866-1925)

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Label:Sound Process ‎– WN-003


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (great shape, only feel super light surface noise as quiet record)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear on back) w/obi(brown wear),insert(brown wear)

One of three albums in a series called Wave Notation, which is known for the work of Satoshi Ashikawa and Hiroshi Yoshimura. The pianist Satsuki Shibano, who is also a leading researcher of Erik Satie, was invited by Ashikawa to work on this project, which fits in with the concept of "Sound Process" label. It is included to select the time of one record from all Sati's works, arrange them in alphabetical order of the song title, and draw Sati on the record. It's easy to get caught up in Erik Satie, but I think her expressive piano, full of luster, is what makes this piece so special.


A5 - 5ieme Gnossienne 1889

A7 - Danses De Travers (Pieces Froides) 1897

A8 - 2eme Gnossienne 1890

B5 - 4ieme Gnossienne 1891

B7 - Reverie Du Pauvre 1900