Satoshi Sumitani = 住谷智 ‎– Forest Marvelously = 不思議の森

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Used CD 1986

Disc:VG+ (perfect shape)

Jacket:VG+ (sleeve has some yellow wear,totally nice condition)

The first work by musician Satoshi Sumitani in the Sound Forest series under SONY, which also includes Midori Takada. Focuses on the former New Age/Ambient, the concept of which is "an organic combination of natural environment sounds and music". The environmental music that literally fuses nature and ethnicity, which is another keyword, is wonderful and other wise, the sound quality of the digital CD-only releases from 1982 is also worth noting.

高田みどりも名を連ねるSONYが手掛けた”自然環境音と音楽の有機的結合をコンセプト”の元New Age/Ambientに焦点を当てたサウンド・フォレスト・シリーズ初作に当たる音楽家住谷智の作品。文字通り自然ともう一つのキーワードにも挙げられているエスニックが融合し溶け合う環境音楽が素晴らしく、また82年当時よりデジタル方式のCDオンリーのリリースに拘った音質にも注目したい。

T1 - 青い月の下で

T3 - 水のささやき

T4 - 風と鳥の対話