Saptana + Lambang Sari – Sound Reflections - Javanese Gamelan Music Classic And Modern 輝ける音たちの瞑想

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Label:ALM Records - LM 1473


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise at quiet part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs, not bad condition) w/insert, originally no obi

After studying music, dance, and shadow play in Solo, a mecca for gamelan art, Saptana, a gamelan player, has participated in numerous works as a visiting teacher here in Japan since 1979. This work is a fusion of gamelan and Japanese music, as can be seen in the title "Javanese Gamelan Music" released from ALM in 1984, and is an ambitious work with student performers. The album features five gamelan ensembles that seem to combine elements of delicate sound production and contemporary music. Among them, track of A1/A3/B1 are with a meditative or new age feel. Don't miss the insert with details/illustration of the instruments used in the gamelan ensemble.

ガムラン芸術のメッカであるソロ市にて音楽・舞踏・影絵芝居を学んだ後、79年以来ここ日本で客員教師として数々の作品に参加したガムラン演奏者 サプトノ。本作は84年にALMよりリリースされた"Javanese Gamelan Music"のタイトルにも見て取れるガムランと日本の音楽の融合を図った学生演者との意欲作。繊細な音作りやコンテンポラリーの要素が組み合わされたようなガムラン・アンサンブル全5曲を収録。中でもA1/A3/B1はメディテイティブやニューエイジを感じさせてくれる楽曲となっています。ガムラン合奏に使われる楽器が詳細/イラストと共に詳しく載ったインサートも必見。

A1 - Ladrang Sumirat

A3 - Gending Talu

B1 - Gending Lalermengeng ~Ketawang Pangkur Dudakasmaran

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.