São Quixote (Lucci - Marsola - Tatini E Burani) - S.T.

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Label:Not On Label – LP-002


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, good shape overall)
Jacket:VG+ (light wears/stains/creases, not bad condition as Brazilian sleeve)

Moto Perpétuo was a Brazilian progressive rock-influenced band that included Guilherme Arantes, a SSW from São Paulo who had achieved success as a soloist. Their only album in 1974 is known as a great piece and has been reissued. This self-released album was recorded about seven years later under the name São Quixote with almost the same lineup helm by guitarist/engineer Cláudio Lucci. The sense of prog-rock is lessened and a more pure sense of melody and dramatic composition can be felt on this good album, include soft rock type number "Mais Um Longo Dia'' with unique vocal that makes you addictive, folky type number "Buon Giorno, Boy'' with full of twisting synths by Guilherme Arantes and organic sensations, and slow and steady melodic number ”Mea Culpa”. The overall balance is also great. Recommend to freak who like Pedro Aznar.

ソロで成功を収めたサンパウロ出身のSSW Guilherme Arantesが所属していたプログレ影響下のバンドMoto Perpétuo。その74年の唯一作はリイシューもされるなど名作として知られていますが、本作はその約7年後にギタリスト/エンジニアCláudio Lucciが中心となりながらほとんど同じメンバー構成で録音されたSão Quixote名義での自主制作盤。独特なヴォーカルもクセになるソフトロック調”Mais Um Longo Dia”、Guilherme Arantesによる捻じるシンセや有機感覚みなぎる面白いフォーキーナンバー”Buon Giorno, Boy”、緩急をつけながら哀愁を帯びて展開していく”Mea Culpa”を筆頭に、プログレ感は薄れより純情的なメロディーセンスとドラマチックな構成も感じ取れる好盤。全体のバランスもいいです。Pedro Aznarなんかが好きな方にもお勧めできるかなと思います。

A2 - Buon Giorno, Boy

A3 - Só Para Raros Velhos

A4 - Fumaça

A6 - Mea Culpa

B1 - Mais Um Longo Dia

B6 - América