Sandro Zane ‎– Nobody Land (Possible Music For Film And Performance)

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Label:Kaky Records


Used LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (slight back noise probably from pressing)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition)

A hidden treasure by Italian keyboardist Sandro Zane, still shrouded in mystery. He seems to have been active in garage bands since the 1960s, and in this work he creates an experimental/wired style like a library work that does not feel such an impression at all. It's totally exciting sounds such as synth-wave tune "Birds Of Fire/In The Beginning" with continuous drumming and percussion, cosmic experimental with electronically swirling "Empty Sky", Moonlight Dance", which is like a chamber music with soft percussion instruments. A special piece that seems to document the vast musical fields of Italy.

イタリア人鍵盤奏者Sandro Zaneによる未だ深く謎に包まれたままの秘宝的作品。60年代よりガレージバンドなどで活動していた人物の様で、本作ではそのような面影を全く感じないライブラリー作品のように実験的でワイヤードな作品を作り上げています。中でもシンセ、ドラム、打楽器が織り成すシンセ・ウェーヴの様な”Birds Of Fire/In The Beginning”、電子音渦巻くコズミック・エクスペリメンタル調の”Empty Sky”、ほんわりとした打楽器を用いた室内楽の様な"Moonlight Dance"を筆頭に刺激的な音が詰まっています。イタリアの広大な音楽畑を物語るスペシャルな一枚。

A1/A2 - Empty Sky/ In The Beginning

A3 -After The Night-fall

A4 - Birds Of Fire

A5 - Moonlight Dance

B2 - Nobody Land