Sadao China = 知名定男 – グッドナイト・マイ・ハニー

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Label:F-Label – F-221


Used 7" 1978 Promo

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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1978 release single by Sadao China, a shamisen player/singer who is also the president of the Ryukyu Music Association and a major figure in Okinawan folk music, is being reevaluated for its songwriting that links tropical and Balearic music. The A-side features "Good Night My Honey" a tropical Balearic tune with anti-war lyrics, and the B-side is an urban mellow tune "The Wind Blows". Both are quality.


A - グッドナイト・マイ・ハニー

B - 風が吹く