Ryu Bok Sung All Stars With Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra – '88 Jazz Masters

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Label:SRB records – SWJ-0010

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs only, good condition overall)

Ryu Bok Sung, one of South Korea's leading drummer/percussionists, became interested in jazz ever since he heard Coltrane and Miles play on the radio, and after performing as a crew member at a US military base, he participated in many works in the 1970s. This album is a recording of a concert in 1989, in which he mainly played congas/bongos Latin percussions. Side A is a his own scored 17minutes long orchestral Latin jazz session. The B-side includes Paul Desmond's Latin arrangement and improvised jazz performance that emphasizes percussion instruments. The last track, "Tahyang-Sari," is especially wonderful. By the way, he seems to be a record junkie who spent all the money he had to build a house on records and got divorced.

ラジオで聞いたコルトレーンとマイルスの演奏を聞いた少年時代からジャズに傾倒し、米軍基地のクルーを経て70年代には多くの作品へ参加した韓国を代表するドラマー/パーカッショ二ストRyu Bok Sung。本作はコンガ/ボンゴのラテンパーカッションをメインに添えた89年のコンサートの模様を収録したもの。A面では自身のスコアによる17分に及ぶオーケストラ編成によるラテンジャズセッション。B面はより打楽器を強調したPaul Desmondのラテンアレンジと即興ジャズ演奏を収録。特にラストの”Tahyang-Sari”は素晴らしいです。ちなみに家を建てる金をレコードに全部使い離婚したという経歴をお持ちのレコードジャンキーみたいです。

A Sample 1

A Sample 2

A Sample 3

B1 - Take Five

B2 - Tahyang-Sari