Rosy Greca – Vitrais

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Label:Cigarras E Formigas Produções, Promoções E Edições Artisticas – 992 285-1


Used LP 1986 Gatefold

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at mainly silent part, totally good condition)

Jacket:VG+ has like a black sticker mark, some scuffs that you can't see much overall good condition, please check photos) w/original innder sleeve

An early work by Rosy Greca, a Brazilian female composer/singer who is still active not only in music, also in the fields of theater, recitation, children's literature. The sound is a mix of folk/MPB with avant/experimental arrangements reminiscent of the Sao Paulo School, beginning A1 "Vitrais", a wired funky beat that sounds like Arrigo Barnabé, A3 "Novo Amor", an obscure MPB with children's voices, in addition to the interesting strange arrangements of "Imensidão" ,"Som Preguiçoso", the beautiful folky tune A2/B6 are also good. Quality.

現在も音楽のみならず演劇、朗読、児童文学の分野で活動しているブラジル人作曲家/歌手Rosy Grecaによる初期作品。フォーク/MPB路線の楽曲に紛れてサンパウロ派を思わせるアヴァン/実験的アレンジがされた楽曲が出色、冒頭のまるでArrigo Barnabéのような奇妙でファンキーなビートが印象的なA1”Vitrais”、子供の声も入るオブスキュアMPBのA3”Novo Amor”、アレンジが面白い”Imensidão”,"Som Preguiçoso"の両曲に加えA2/B6の美しいフォークもまたいいです。幅広い音楽性に富んだ素晴らしい作品。

A1 - Vitrais

A2 - Sol E Lua

A3 - Novo Amor

A4 - Imensidão

A5 - Som Preguiçoso

B3 - Terra

B4 - Concepção

B6 - Veias Abertas