Rose Garden - S.T.

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Used LP 19XX

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A self-produced album by Rose Garden, a folk/new rock band consisting of Kenji Ikeda, Keiji Koide, and Atsushi Yoshikawa, all of whom were in their teens at the time and were probably active in the Chiba area. A total of 11 songs ranging from rock to folk that condense the energy of the time into the mature atmosphere and melody. Among them, the folky number is recommended.

千葉周辺にて活動していたと思われる当時十代だった池田謙司、小出啓治、吉川厚志の3人組フォーク/ニューロックバンドRose Gardenによる自主製作盤。成熟された雰囲気、メロディに当時のエネルギーを凝縮させたようなロックからフォークまで幅広い全11曲。中でもフォーキーなナンバーはオススメ。

A1 - 遠い夢 ~Far away~

A4 - 幸慰子のように

B2 - 秋の風景

B5 - 遠い夢

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.