Roots – Power

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Label:RKB Records 


Used 12" 1992

Disc:VG+ (feel light surface noise, totally good shape) 

Jacket:VG+ (light wears, not bad condition)

A downtempo/house EP in 1992 by jazz musician/saxophonist David McMurray, a member of Was (Not Was) and known for his wide range of activities from participating in Griot Galaxy productions to being a session musician for prominent artists. The credits of this work is almost entirely his alias, and the compositions are rich in spiritual/black mannerisms that can be connected to his smooth jazz works of the 90's. Above all, "Time #2" which can be said to be a cosmic downtempo with a saxophone tone and synth that invites you to space is irresistible. All of the tracks are functional, including the jazzy mid-tune "Jazz It Up" and the downtempo house "Power. The body shakes involuntarily.

Was (Not Was)のメンバー、Griot Galaxy作品への参加から著名アーティストのセッションミュージシャンとしてまで幅広い活動で知られるジャズミュージシャン/サックス奏者 David McMurrayが手掛けた92年のダウンテンポ/ハウス作品。クレジットを見る限りほぼ変名と見ていい、彼の90年代のスムース・ジャズ作品へも繋がるようなスピリチュアル/ブラックマナーに富んだ楽曲構成。中でもサックスの音色、煌びやかなシンセが宇宙へ誘うようなコズミック・ダウンテンポとも言えそうなも”Time #2”がたまりません。他にもジャジーなミッド・チューン”Jazz It Up”やダウンテンポ・ハウス”Power”を筆頭に全曲使える内容。思わず身体が揺れちゃいます。

A1 - Jazz It Up

A2 - Power

B2 - Time #2

B3 - Get Up, Baby