Rodolfo Alchourron – Parabola

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Label:Melopea Discos – LP 9001


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise at some quiet part, totally good category and looks clean)

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Fantastic Jazz piece by the Argentine composer/guitarist Rodolfo Alchourron, who has supported the scene with his genre-bending talent since the 1970s, for Melopea in the early years. Most of tunes were recorded in 1976 and feature such great players as Litto Nebbia, Dino Saluzzi, Rodolfo Mederos, Manolo Juárez, Adalberto Cevasco, Norberto Minichillo. Total impressive start to finish, combining the wonderful arrangement that is synonymous, the supple and dynamic performance full of maturity, and the beautiful vocals by Analía Lovato. The first three tracks are definite, but don't miss "Arpegio," composed by Alchourron, which shows the dope side of improvisation, and "Un Sueño No Es Una Mentira//A Veces Soñamos Una Mentira," with amazing Nebbia's electric piano and vocals. A gem that could only be made in Argentina.

70年代よりジャンルの垣根を超えた異才ぶりでシーンを支えたアルゼンチン人作曲家/ギタリストRodolfo Alchourronが初期Melopeaに残した傑作。おおよその録音は76年に行われ、Litto Nebbia, Dino Saluzzi, Rodolfo Mederos, Manolo Juárez, Adalberto Cevasco, Norberto Minichilloはじめとした名プレイヤーが参加。代名詞であるアレンジの妙、円熟味溢れるしなやかかつダイナミズムな演奏、美しいAnalía Lovatoによるヴォーカルが相まった隙の見当たらない楽曲群。冒頭三曲で確定ですが、ドープかつ即興の一面を見るようなAlchourron作曲の”Arpegio”、Nebbiaのエレピとヴォーカルも聞き惚れる”Un Sueño No Es Una Mentira//A Veces Soñamos Una Mentira”などもお見逃しなく。アルゼンチンでしかなしえないであろう珠玉の一枚。

A1 - Parabola

A2 - Las Mañas

A3 - Mañana de Bicicletas

A4 - Vivir En El Mismo Barrio

B2 - Arpegio

B3 - Cancion Para Virgilio

B5 - Medley: Un Sueño No Es Una Mentira//A Veces Soñamos Una Mentira