Roberto Darvin, Jorge Trasante ‎– Ahora Si!

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Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (sticker on label,has slight surface noise,totally nice condition)

Jacket:VG+ (sticker on cover,aritist autograph)

A collaboration work between percussionist Jorge Trasante and SSW/guitarist Roberto Darvin, which Trasante is known for his collaboration with Eduardo Mateo and his masterpiece "Folklore Afro Uruguayo" and Roberto Darvin is an artist who has a close relationship with Hugo Fattoruso. Fokey and lilting voice with the addition of Trasante's percussion, coloring the sound, the opening track, "El Barco en La Azotea", with Darvin's voice, is a highlight of the piece, with added strength percussion rhythm、The last song, "El Candombe," is a pleasant fusion of rhythms from both sides、and The spiritual groove of "Kandimba" are great.

Eduardo Mateoとの共作や傑作”Folklore Afro Uruguayo”などでも知られる打楽器奏者Jorge TrasanteとSSW/ギタリストRoberto Darvinの87年発表のコラボ作品。フォーキーで軽快な歌声にトラサンテのパーカッションが加わりサウンドが彩られていて、強弱をつけたパーカッションのリズムにRoberto Darvinの声が纏った冒頭の”El Barco en La Azotea”が白眉、心地よい双方のリズムが融合したラストの”El Candombe”、霊性的なグルーヴを奏でる”Kandimba”

A1 - El Barco en La Azotea

A4 - Kandimba

B4 - El Candombe