Rinsho Kadekaru = 嘉手苅林昌, Shuei Kohama = 小浜守栄 – 高平万才 / 前之浜

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Label:マルフクレコード – FS-41


Used 7" 19XX

Disc:VG+/VG (disc looks good but feel bit noisy)

Jacket:VG+/VG (stains)

7-inch single by Rinsho Kadekaru, the charismatic Okinawan Min'yō singer who has the voice of the soul who was called "the god of island songs" by the incomparable report writer Ro Takenaka, and Shuei Kohama, a childhood friend of Kadekaru who has teamed up with him in numerous works. The two singers' voices, which are so intertwined and breathy that you can almost say "this is the groove" are recorded nonstop along with sanshin. The B-side "Maenohama" is especially amazing.


A - 高平万才

B - 前之浜